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BREAKING NEWS:  Maryville, MO – Tightlines UV Technology LLC has announced it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the
U.S Federal District Court for the District of South Carolina Columbia Division against tackle giant Pure Fishing, Inc.

Bubbas Rub
Bubbas Rub
Tactical Vapor Promo
Sow Belly 1600
HyBridCraw UV Bass Bait
SowBelly Elite Banner
Whenko UV Bass Bait
T Craw UV Bass Bait REV
HyBridHog UV Bass Bait
Punch UV Bass Bait
A Saltwater Shrimp
Mega Blade Bass Bait
Dropshot UV Worm Bass Bait
Two Way Filet Board

Six new flavors to kick up the action a notch!

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