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Brett Ware Could Be America’s #1 Tackle Designer....

Brett Ware in the lab testing tackle and light reflection of lures.Brett Ware isn’t into just designing fishing lures….he’s into building fishing platforms.

When other companies were focusing on scent and pretty paint jobs, Brett Ware was researching fish at the University level to get a better understanding of “all” their senses. Species included Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Pike, Perch, etc., were analyzed with respect to vibration, sound, scent, vision, etc. The senses of trophy size fish were compared to yearlings. Fishing lure mechanics were tested side by side with live baitfish. For over 3 years, data was collected from experimental results. Never before had research been conducted at this level on fish and existing tackle.

It wasn’t until Brett started researching and conducting experiments on the vision of fish that he truly felt he discovered something completely new to the fishing industry. Most fisherman judge the quality of their lures by how fancy of a paint job they have on them and price determines how many fish they are going to catch????…..a $35 jerkbait catches more fish than a $7 jerkbait????

Brett thought that the bigger fish, which usually has a direct correlation to genetics and age, typically have better senses. They see better…they hear better….they have a sense of taste better. Fish were analyzed in a lab and then experimental testing of tackle was conducted out on the lake.

What Brett discovered was that fish see low frequency colors, which are commonly called Ultra Violet (UV), in the water much better than natural colors. In fact, natural colors tend to become invisible as they go deeper in the water column. The color red only goes about 2 ft. in and then becomes invisible, while Blue on the other hand goes down to about 15 ft. before it is drowned out. However the UV colors go much deeper in the water and can be seen down to 40 ft. What was really special about the colors is that they are super bright in the water, which is why fish pick up on them so easy.

When existing fishing lures were tested, they absorbed all the light that hit them. While when real baitfish were tested they reflected up to 80% of the light that hit them. Reflection seemed to be missing in the tackle industry and there were no UV colors present in any tackle that Brett tested.

Brett started developing UV colors that would reflect both the natural and UV sunlight that dominates the water….and the rest is history. Fishermen started experiencing extraordinary results with Brett’s tackle and Tightlines UV was born in May of 2009.

With UV Sunlight making up 100% of the light in deep water and over 80% in shallow water, it’s no wonder fish use this light to see with in the water. Fish don’t have the same eye structure that we do. We can’t see below 400 NM, which are colors in the UV range, but during testing, Brett determined that the frequency range between 350 and 400 NM fish see the best. It only made since to try to come up with colors in this exact range.


Brett has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Missouri Science and Technology and an MBA from the University of Southern Illinois. He studied Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts—Lowell. Brett is a CSI certified expert in both vibration and ultrasonic sound.

Brett has over 20 years of Fortune 500 business experience and taught at the University level for 8 years. He has developed products from ammunition to construction equipment. He developed the RC controlled products for the hunting industry and holds multiple patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Being an avid fisherman, it only seemed natural for Brett to focus some energy on taking the tackle industry to the next platform. With Brett’s education and experience, he can not only venture into scientific testing, but has the ability to develop products that bridge existing tackle to futuristic.

The Tightlines UV product line that Brett developed does not catch a fish every cast, but it does statistically catch more fish than any other brand out on the market today. Brett has proven that fish rarely bite what they don’t see!

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